who are we?

We are ASAHi Con! Our mission is to bring anime, Japanese culture, and the convention experience to the fans of Antioch, California. We are a small con with about ten years of history, and we don't plan on getting too large. We want to open the door to people and show them how amazingly awesome conventions are! All our staff is apart of the ASAHi Club at Antioch High school, which means we have fresh staff members each year. Our graduates are trained in everything needed to run and plan a convention. 

when is ASAHicon?

ASAHiCon will be held on April 13, 2019!






The Staff

The Staff

The heads of con

Our devoted leaders, who make our events happen by stepping up to the plate. 

Jason EbneR


Brings his experience of running the legendary RECCACon, and the mainstay FanimeCon.  He tries his best to stay out of the kids way to let them experience what putting on a convention really feels like. However, he definitely is the rock we stand on to make this event happen! 





Christine payne

Logistics head

Christine is only a sophomore, but don't let that fool you. She is the person responsible of our inventory, she diligently keeps track of what we have, and she alerts us if something is wrong or misplaced. She is always ready to give a lecture to those who take take things and don't put them back where they belong.


go-to marketing team

These four inseparable young men are the face of ASAHi. They're certainly a well characterized group which makes them the most suited for this position. They have been apart of the ASAHi family since their freshmen year and you'll usually find them up to their usual antics, but whenever they need to get something done, they promptly get to work.

ERWIN Williams


Despite his looks, he is a long standing veteran who will soon be leaving us within a year. However, he disregards the short time he has left by helping out wherever he can.  Even though he is often underestimated, he rises above the low standards. As the name suggests, he is the middle man for our con's panelists. So if you are interested in doing a panel for our con, he's your guy!

Erwin MOnes


This delightful young man is responsible for getting the lovely public into ASAHiCon.  He also deals with making the map for our convention, making sure no-one gets lost. He is certainly up to the task, under his belt are years of event planning experience. Taking that in mind, he will often ask his fellow leaders and peers their opinions on new ways he can make registration even better. We can rest assured knowing he has a bright future ahead of him. 


Jose Delgado

Food head

This male cosplayer deals with anything food related for our events. He also takes his cooking very seriously, making sure health protocols are met. He will often put his innovative mind to use, searching for many more delicious items to add to our menu and deals with many club problems. However, not all the weight is on his shoulders because he has a fantastic partner in crime. they work together to make this event a piece of cake!


Raven Figuroa

co-food head

He is Jose's partner in savory crime, who enjoys incorporating friendship and cooking for a whole new world of flavor. He certainly has his plate full with all these activities, but never has that once stopped him from doing his job. He is also regarded as a big brother due to his caring, charismatic nature, always willing to sit down and talk to you if you need it. He is also an aged veteran, who will soon spread his wings to fly in the big world. However,  for now he continues to work beside his family of ASAHi, who are grateful for his help.

LEO EStebez


He is part of market place and is full of energy when it comes to helping out in club. He enjoys helping people who are having a bad time and well do everything he can do to help out. He has experience when it comes to marketing and working conventions, so you can ask him for help or if you have any questions. For now hes going to do his best to help out where its needed, have a wonderful day!


AMYAH Martino

Stage head

This cosplay fanatic sets up the entertainment for ASAHiCon, making sure to litter raffles all throughout the convention. Utilizing her elite organization skills to build the schedule, which many of our performers are given the time to dazzle you with their skills, whatever they may be. Not only is she Head of Stage, she is also one of ASAHiCons renowned artists, lighting up our world with her art. Despite, all the hardships she has faced, she makes it clear that she will do what it takes to get the job done. Soldier, receptionist, and artist. What more could we ask for!


Robert Scott

Game-room head

From organizing tournaments to plugging in systems, this amazing young man does it all. Using his knowledge of many games and their systems, he is determined to make your gaming selection as diverse as possible. He has made it a personal goal to make sure ASAHiCon's Game-Room is a resounding gathering hub for gamers and the general public alike. A resounding passion for gaming and anime alike. There are no better qualifications.

Jordan Barnes

Podcast aficionado 

What would ASAHi be without the playful and entertaining podcasts? Thankfully, we have this wonderful character in charge of this. He certainly brings life to our podcasts by throwing his varying humor to the table. Sadly, he is yet another senior who will be claimed by the great unknown. However, when he leaves, he will have years of resume-worthy experience to help him in this not-so small world. Until that day comes, he works hard alongside his ASAHi family. 



All the amazing folks who have helped ASAHi Con


All the amazing folks who have helped ASAHi Con