ASAHiCon and the PTSA

The night before ASAHiCon from 3:30-10pm the Parent Teacher Student Association will be doing a fundraiser along with our help. It is going to be a Madden 25 tournament. The entry fee is $25 and will be held in the College and Career Cener(CCC), the same place we'll be having our game room! Our club will be selling Spam Musubi, Lumpia, and Ramune. We'd love for you to come out and support the both of us!

Practice your Panel at ASAHiCon!

Since ASAHiCon is 2 months away from everyone's beloved FanimeCon, why not come to ASAHiCon and practice your panel with us?  ASAHiCon is small, low pressure, and is an excellent place to try-out your new panel idea!  All we ask is you keep it rather tame for us because you can always ramp it up for the big show in May!

Just click on the Con Attractions right above this post and hit the Panels link there!  We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

Welcome to our new home!

Hello everyone and welcome to the ASAHiCon 2014 website!  As always, myself and the students of ASAHi (Anime Society of Antioch High) cannot wait to welcome you again to our show!  Our event is scheduled for Saturday March 29th, 2014.

What can you expect from ASAHiCon?  I like to describe our show as our daily club all blown up!  Every day at ASAHi, in room 801b, we watch Anime, play video games, enjoy table top gaming, draw, laugh, and share what we are really into.  On March 29th, we open up this experience for EVERYONE to enjoy!  

So please, save the date, Saturday March 29th, 2014, and come and enjoy what we get to do every single day of the school year!