asahi con visual tour


All guest parking will be in the student parking lot in front of Beede Auditorium.

The entrance to ASAHiCon will be Beede Auditorium. Registration will be in the lobby.

Once you register, escorts will be waiting to lead you down the main hallway to ASAHiCon!

They will take you through Beede

the storage room,

and past the lunch area

They will escort you through the main hallway, where there will be security personnel to ensure the class halls will be empty throughout the duration of the con

Our escorts will take you past the main office


past the 400 and 500 halls,

towards the end of the campus,

past the 700 and 800 halls


and 900 hall as well


There will be a small area with tables to lounge near stage, this picture featuring the Dealers Hall entrance in the background.

You have now arrived to ASAHiCon! The escorts will return to Beede, and you may enjoy the con at your leisure!