get ready for asahicon on april 13th, 2019!

Are you an artist wanting to share your talents and possibly make a little cash on the side? Do you have old anime-related items that you once loved but now feel someone else would enjoy more? You might be interested in selling in our Marketplace!

ASAHiCon’s Marketplace is a combination Artist Alley/Swap Meet/Dealer’s Hall. Artist Alley/Swap Meet/Dealer’s Hall is an obnoxiously large name, so we decided to shorten it to simply “The Marketplace.”

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is meant for artists to show off anything they have created themselves. Drawings, paintings, hand-made hats, etc. all count as art because they were made by you. In Artist Alley, an artist can choose to show off their work, sell their work, and/or do paid commissions. Because we so highly value our local artists, any artist will get their first table free! Further tables will be $10 each. In order to get the first table free, you MUST ONLY be selling your own work.

Dealer’s Hall/Swap Meet

Dealer’s Hall is for people to sell new or used merchandise from anime, manga, video games, or other genres, that were not created by their own hand. Tables will be $10 each. Bootlegs are prohibited from being sold.


we are no longer accepting applications

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