ASAHiCon is trying something new!  We have asked Rock Club to join our show this year and they have graciously said yes!  This event will be from 6pm to 10pm with doors opening at 5:30pm.  We apologize, but because this is so last minute, their will be a separate charge (5 dollars for general admission, 3 dollars with your ASAHiCon arm band), but if you all attend it, we will plan to do it again next year!  

Remember, this is NOT meant to be a professional show, but a show featuring local talent and artists wishing to compete for the grand prize!  Yup, there will be a cash prize offered to the winner of this year's event!

So, we ask you to come and join us for both ASAHiCon, and our first year partnership with Rock Club and Battle of the Bands!!!!