ASAHi Con is proud to present our first guest: Kiba Walker!

Kiba Walker is a voice actor, musician, and director known for his works in video games and animation. Some of his notable works are Eike Crimson in "Victus Vinciums: Veterans Revenge", Yousuke Akano in the BL "Fudanshi Code", Wyatt McFly Blakely in "Aptitude", Eric Eastwick in "The Intermine Legacy: I am the Darkness", Robert Coconut in "Flip'd", Mike Connelly in "Zoolaplex", and Kaito in "The New Guardian". He's also been involved in "Seduce Me 2: The Demon War", "Return of the Guitar Lord", "Magical Boys!", and more.

He is also responsible for "Riot!', an upcoming visual novel/animation series as the creator, writer, and director. He loves ALL the anime and loves meeting other fans of the art form.