ASAHi Con is proud to present our new guest: Rob Miles! 

Rob Miles has been around creative media (television, film, video games, and animation) for nearly 45 out of his 50 years. This has included acting, voiceover, creating, and producing shows, games, and events closely related to anime, fantasy, and science fiction. It is very much a part of his life and one he likes to share with others.

Rob has been very hands-on within anime fandom, beginning as a fan-correspondent while growing up in Japan and extending to developing the programming seen at numerous anime and science fiction events. He was Programming director at Anime Expo, Anime America, and FanimeCon along with numerous other events around the world.

Rob also is very active in technology, starting out his professional career with Hewlett-Packard before enlisting in the Air Force (yes, he's a veteran). Afterwards he has worked for a number of big-brand media companies including MTV, USA Network, Electronic Arts, Adobe, Capcom, and Sega. In 2011, he was named as one of the top-50 African-American people in Technology which included an audience with President Obama.

More recently, Rob has been active in building a more informed "geek" community, having founded Anime Superstar and, later, Executive Geek Productions with his business partner and best friend, Jarrell Hall. Together they've created an online web show (currently on hiatus) along with numerous other projects in conjunction with other start up companies. He also works as a contributing editor to a number of sports and tech blogs.

While he may think his overall story is boring, he is willing to share his knowledge with those looking to do creative things in life, and is looking forward to appearing at ASAHICon!