10:00 AM:

Registration opens!

Marketplace opens!

Food being sold!

Tabletop Gaming opens!

D&D one-shots begin!

Stage begins special programming & stream!

Twilight Nights begin special programming!


11:00 AM:

Game Room opens!

Welcome to ASAHi panel by Jason Ebner in Room 609!


1:00 PM:

Cosplay panel hosted by Camilla Jo in Room 609!


2:00 PM:

Q&A Panel by Kiba Walker and Steve Nunez in Room 608!


3:00 PM:

Anime Jeopardy panel hosted by Internexus in Room 609!


5:00 PM:

Registration closes!

Twilight Nights programming ends!


6:00 PM:

Game Room closes!

Stage Stream ends!

Marketplace closes!

Food sales end!

Tabletop Gaming closes!

D&D one-shots ended!