Hey everyone, ASAHi Cafe is hosting the Smash 4 Couples Tournament on the Antioch High School campus in room 801B on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018, better known as Valentine's Day, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You and your chosen teammate do not have to be a couple to register for this tournament!


  • Single elimination
  • Sets will be best of 3
  • No items/customs are not allowed
  • Mii fighters are permitted but must be medium sized and use the standard moveset (1111)
  • Matches will be settled on tournament legal and omega stages
  • Team attack will be on
  • 3 stocks and 8 minutes
  • Sharing stocks is allowed
  • If the clock expires and the total number of stocks of each team is equal, use the sum of the final percentage of the players on each team as the tiebreaker; whichever team has a lower sum wins. (A player who has been eliminated has 0 stocks and 0%.)
  • The Suicide Rule: If a match ends by both remaining players losing their last stock at the same time due to a suicide move (such as by Bowser's Flying Slam), then the initiator of the suicide move is considered the winner of the match regardless of what the results screen says, and no tiebreaker is played. While the rule is often used, it's not universal, as some players maintain that the winner of the match should be what the game declares.